Puppie Eats - Lactose Free Milk Chews

Puppie Eats - We ONLY use Lactose Free Milk.

Our Chews are High in Natural Calcium as they are made from farm fresh Lactose Free Cows Milk,

which is dried for a long period of time turning it into a HARD chew that pups love.

Dogs love to chew bones & these are like bones with Calcium & flavor!

They are solid, but breakdown into soft pieces as the dog chews on it making it easy to digest 

We manufacture in Australia, but  ship worldwide

Available in multi-packs as listed below:


Each mixed 4 pack comes with 4 different flavours varying each pack with stock on hand.

Our Current Varieties:

- Breast Chicken

- Chicken Hearts

- Chicken Giblets

- Chicken Liver

- Chicken Winglets

- Beef Liver

- Beef Meat

- Lamb Meat

- Peanut Butter

- Bacon

- Pork Belly

- Kangaroo Meat

- Cheddar Cheese

- Duck Breast

- Sweet Potato

- Strawberry

- Mixed Vegetable

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